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45 bonitos menus e plugins Jquery

Aqui vai uma lista com 45 bonitos plugins e menus Jquery para você usar em seus projetos! Teste já!

1. Drop Down Responsive Menu with CSS3 and jQuery

CSS3 and jQuery menu1 Demo | Download

2. jQuery Over Animation Menu

jQuery plugin (2KB) that allows you to create an unordered list as an animated circle.

32 jQuery Over Animation Menu Demo | Download

3. Animated Text and Icon Menu

There is a menu with a slick animated feature enjoyable on hover. The idea is to drag certain items, modify and animate the background color of the item and then drag the items back with a different color.

2 Animated Text and Icon Menu Demo | Download

4. jQuery Menu Moving Boxes Content

It’s really sweet animations using jQuery. The idea is to have small boxes scattered around the top of the site and when a menu item is clicked, animate boxes to form the main content area. We’ll use some different animation effects that we will add any additional options to the menu item download diashow program for free german.

4 jQuery Menu Moving Boxes Content Demo | Download

5. Expanding Image Menu with jQuery

This is an image menu expansion with jQuery. The idea is to have some columns with slices of black and white content area will be a drag when you click on them. It also slide in the version of the image color, creating an effect ordered.

5 Expanding Image Menu with jQuery Demo | Download

6. Animated Content Menu with jQuery

This is a menu with the black animated content with jQuery for a themed restaurant. Menu items will be moderated and when clicked, a content area with more information will appear. Furthermore, it is the background image will change that menu item was clicked.

6 Animated Content Menu with jQuery Demo | Download

7 ikea anleitung herunterladen. jQuery Cursor following menu

This is a navigation menu that follows the cursor, created with the jQuery framework and CSS is easy to implement and configure.

7 jQuery Cursor following menu Demo | Download

8. Simple navigation with CSS3 and jQuery

It is a simple navigation menu built with CSS3 and the jQuery UI.

8 Simple navigation with CSS3 and jQuery Demo | Download

9. Overlay Effect Menu with jQuery

This is a simple menu that stand out once we fly by covering everything except the menu with a dark overlay. The menu will remain white and a zone of sub-menu to expand. We will create this effect using jQuery.

9 Overlay Effect Menu with jQuery Demo | Download


10. jQuery Slide Menu

This is an incredible slide down menu or the navigation of your website. Navigation will be almost hidden – to drag the items when the user hovers over the area next to them bewerbungsmappe kostenlos herunterladen. This gives a nice effect and use of this technique can save you space on your website.

slide out nav Demo | Download

11. Fly-out Menu with jQuery and CSS3

This is a menu full page cufonized has two interesting features: when hovering over menu items we move an item hover state that fits the width of the current item , and we’ll slip on a bar description from the left side of the page, rushing to the current menu item.

awesome fly out menu Demo | Download

12. Animated Drop Down Menu with jQuery

It is really a convenient way to go up a great menu in a very small initial space. For years, people have simply used a form element for standard drop-down menus, but with minimal effort, you can create a much smoother effect using jQuery and CSS.

animated drop down menu

13. Sliding Jquery Menu

It is a sliding menu button using jquery after passion kostenlos herunterladen.

vertical sliding menu Demo | Download

14. jQuery style menu with CSS3

jquery style menu Demo

15. Drop Down Image Menu with jQuery and CSS3

select drop down expanded

Download (198)| View Demo

16. Hover Slide Effect with jQuery

This is a neat effect with few images using jQuery. The main idea is to have a picture box with multiple images that slide when you hover over them, revealing other images. The sliding effect is random, ie the images will slide up or down, left or right, fading out or not. When you click on an area, all areas to slip on their images.


Download (231) | View Demo


17. jQuery quickie: Slot machine navigation

slot machine

Download (810) | View Demo


18 amazon prime stream herunterladen. Pretty Simple Content Slider with jQuery and CSS3

This is a slider AutoPlay content with jQuery and CSS3. The idea is to change the background image and drag in the title and description. Clicking on one of the menu items, the auto-play is stopped and the contents respective slides.


Download (664) | Demo

20. jQuery Menu Slide Style

jquery menu 20

Demo | Download


21. AutoSprites – A jQuery Menu Plugin


Demo View | Download


22. jQuery Dropdown Navigation in WordPress


Demo View | Download (383)


23. CSS Dock Menu using Jquery library

It is using Jquery library and Fisheye component from Interface and some of my icons gps daten downloaden. It comes with two dock position: top and bottom.

css dock menu

Demo | Download


24. Collapsing Site Navigation with jQuery

Collapsing menu that contains vertical navigation bars and a slide out content area. When hovering over a menu item, an image slides down from the top and a submenu slides up from the bottom


Demo | Download

25. Beautiful Background Image Navigation with jQuery

The background image for each item will be animated to slide into place in different times, creating a really nice effect.


Demo | Download


26. Bubble Navigation with jQuery

The idea is to have some round navigation icons that release a bubble when hovering over them.


Demo | Download


27 amazon music unlimited musiken. jQuery Brush Stroke Navigation

The watercolor graphics were created in Photoshop and we’ll be using the popular jQuery JavaScript framework for the animation.

final tutorial

Demo | Download

28.Animated vertical Menu Using Jquery




29. Sliding Submenu with jQuery

jquery menu 18

Demo | Download


30. A simple CSS & jQuery Menu

This small and very easy to use jQuery plugin can be used with or without jQuery (if you don’t want any JS on your page, just get the CSS).

jquery menu 30



31. Simple Accordion w/ CSS and jQuery

When designed and implemented with usability in mind, the accordion can be incredibly useful when organizing a good chunk of content ipad datei herunterladen. Since a lot of people found my toggle tutorial useful, I would like to go over how I approached building an accordion from scratch.

jquery menu 31


32. Rocking and Rolling Rounded jQuery Menu

It is impressive rotation and scaling patch jQuery Zachary Johnson who can be found here. We will create a menu with small icons that rotate in a hover. In addition, we will expand the menu and reveal some of the content of the menu, such as links or search box.

rocking rolling menu Demo | Download

33. Grungy Random Rotation Menu with jQuery and CSS3 | Demo



34. Smooth Animated Menu jQuery | Demo

Here is sample rollover a menu

Rollover a menu


35. Slide Down Box Menu with jQuery and CSS3 | Demo

slide down box menu


36 herunterladen. Jquery Image Menu | Demo



37. jQuery Over Image Menu | Demo

apple style menu


38. Sexy Drop Down Menu jQuery & CSS

sexy drop down menu


39. Mega Drop-Down Menu with jQuery | Demo



40. Mega Drop Down Menu CSS & jQuery | Demo


41. Cool Animated Menu with jQuery | Demo

Cool Animated Menu

42. Elastic Thumbnail Menu | Demo

Elastic Thumbnail Menu

43 download music from youtube to ipad. CSS3 jQuery Accordion Menu | Demo

jQuery Accordion Menu

44. Menu Display with Icon jQuery | Demo

Menú desplegable

45. Light Vertical JQuery Menu | Demo

Light Vertical

45. Sliding Background Image Menuwith jQuery

This menu has several components, each corresponding to a different background image that will appear on all signs when we hover over a panel label. In addition, a sub-menu to slip from the bottom. This menu comes with configuration options, such as image size, the rollover states and custom default.

3 Sliding Background Image Menuwith jQuery Demo | Download

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